Insurance carriers with AMA-Dy Business

AMA-Dy Business Romania can offer the following types of insurance: RCA, CASCO, CMR, liability, etc.


policy HELMET is insurance that protects your own vehicle theft or any damages it may suffer, whether they are responsible or not their production


CMR insurance to companies that have performed in national or international transport of private vehicles, rented or under management.

CMR policy risks insured loss of part or damage to goods transported and overcoming deadline fault of the carrier. This policy may be concluded for a single consignment, hedging is delimited in time and space under the contract or for a period of time -one or more months and one year periods covering risks of all shipments made during the assurances contractual terms.

Included in insurance liabilities are those referred to in art. 17 and 23 of the International Convention (C.M.R.).

At the request of the insured and by paying an additional premium can also choose for the risk of theft of goods carried. Some companies only provide burglary, other theft partially or entirely.


RCA is compulsory auto liability that third parties injured after a car accident are compensated, whether it's damage to vehicles, injuries, death or damage to property. This insurance is concluded for all vehicles registered or subject to registration in Romania.

  • NOT protects your vehicle
  • NOT You are entitled to compensation even if you were guilty or not guilty of the accident.

To ensure RCA

Liability insurance carriers

By concluding this policy, the insurance company undertakes to provide the carrier's liability for material damage caused to some natural or legal persons, Romanian or foreign, during the course of road transport made under the law.

The insurance conditions shall ensure the damages caused by the insured while performing a transport operation, a natural or legal person and following the completion of liquidation proceedings of the insured, its flow to the injured person has not been extinguished.