Because we are in constant expansion, we always need drivers for round-trip system, but also for the community.
If you are interested please fill in the form below or contact us by email or by phone at phone number +4.0742.125.006.

Section driver

Rules for drivers

As a driver, you should note the following rules:

Safety equipment

  • Vest, shoes, helmets, gloves and goggles.
  • If you load ADR ADR must also have the necessary equipment

Teaching combination (tractor + trailer)

Every time you receive a new battery or dispose of a set that you worked remember to check:

  • Existing damage - check and record any new damage before departure. Complete report for ensemble and take pictures if necessary. They should be sent to the dispatcher in charge of the fleet.
  • Check cables from the trailer doors and note the number of side boards inside, where the tarpaulin, count bars for garments. Be in good condition and the same number that you received from employment
  • Check if there are cuts or holes in the tarp in it.
  • Check tires
  • Each trailer is equipped with trucks, cargo bars for support, straps and skid mats
  • All these details are registered in the handover – reception with the fleet.

Working hours and driving

You must know and observe all rules on working hours.

  • Maximum 6 days per week.
  • Working time is 13 hours a day - at least 11 hours of rest.
  • 3 times a week, you can extend working time to 15 hours and you just 9:00 rest.
  • Driving time is 9:00, every 4.5 hours must take a break of 45 minutes.
  • You divided breaks into two, the first being 15 minutes and the second at least 30 minutes, provided you do not exceed 4.5H driving to finish what the second part of the break.
  • Driving time may be extended to 10 hours twice a week.
  • Weekend break should be 45 hours. Every two weeks you can take a short weekend break 24 hours, but in this case the next weekend break must be at least 45 hours.
  • Maximum driving time in 2 weeks is 90 hours but not more than 56 hours a week run.

Station communication

– given that we do loads each driver is obliged to announce after each load quantity, no. pallets, cargo type, height, meters of floor space occupied. If so, can take pictures and sent to dispatchers.

– Contact is kept permanently dispatcher, on route, schedule to download both internally and externally, the order discharges, etc.