Created in 2008, the AMA DY BUSINESS is a road haulage company with 100% Romanian capital.
AMA DY BUSINESS performs specialized international transport of hanging garments and transport of general cargo in and out of Europe, mainly in Italy.
Carry both hanging garments and boxes, as well as general merchandise. Italian and EU transport the fabrics and accessories, general merchandise, goods on pallets, furniture.
Quality and efficiency of services provided by our company led to the development of sustainable collaboration with prestigious partners from different economic fields.
We are specialists in groupage, prepared to deliver cargo to the destination as soon as possible.
Make and transport under exclusive truck full or sprinter.
We have collaboration with both direct beneficiaries and forwarding homes in Romania and Italy.
We also have colleagues carriers face it, we work with, because final beneficiary customer, be lots of our services.

Our team

Cristina Anca pascariu

Director general

Simion Ion

Transportation Coordinator / Dispatcher

Ciprian Obreja

Responsible fleet / Dispatcher

Adriana Iojica

Basic accounting / operator data

our headquarters

Route 205 Republic Street,

Bacau 600 304 | Romania

Invoice data

SC Ama-Dy Business srl
RO 24907539 | J04 /2165 /2008
Bacau, Republic Street, 205

Unicredit Bank Bacau
RO49 BACX 0000 0013 6815 0000 / RON
RO22 BACX 0000 0013 6815 0001 /EURO


  • Bacau, Romania, Republic of No Way. 305

Docking warehouse: 300 pallets

Area: 600 sq.m.

Inaltime: 7m

Ramp: loading / unloading


  • van truck – 2 vehicles, payload 2 to 35 cm, vans van with lift and standers garments – GPS
  • van truck – 10 vehicles, 21 to 7 straight vans equipped with standers and honeycomb walls garments
  • van truck – 1 vehicule, 0.8 to, Sprinter 18 mc – 4.2 x 2.1 x 2.1 equipped with equipped with standers for clothing – GPS
  • semitrailer – One vehicle 23 to, Tipper mega curtain

Our mission

  • Quality
  • Readiness
  • unbeatable prices
  • sustainable collaborations
  • rapidity
  • Clarity

Customers / Partners

Frequent questions


Goods must be placed in the truck, so that the freight to be effective, take place under optimum conditions, to arrive in time stated in the order and cargo intact.


20 tons per truck there CMR insurance of 100,000 euros. 7.5 tons per van there CMR insurance 50,000 euros, sprinter / crafter insurance 30,000 euros.

The price of transport is made by:

– loading station – Instead download

– Number of loads

– type of merchandise (bulk pallets, garments on hangers, clothing, boxes, etc.)

– amount (kg) Volume (m), the height of the pallet

– meters of floor space occupied

Since we groupage freight, cargo delivery time calculation is based on restristrictiile movement of transit countries, on the route, and the number of downloads to be made.

Besides, discharge day is communicated in order signed by both parties.

Yes. All trucks in the fleet Ama-Dy are equipped with GPS (provided by Webeye).

After telephone conversations with dispatchers Ama-dy Business srl, make transport order is signed by both parties and proceed to load cargo.

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